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Low Voltage Systems - Westridge Electric - Calgary Electricians - Featured Image

Low Voltage Systems

Modern homes and businesses require the proper flow of electricity to keep them safe, comfortable, and functioning properly. Not all appliances and systems need the same amount of power. Too much power can fry the system or cause an electrocution hazard. Too little can render the appliance or system useless. This week we are going …

Lighting Your Home Office - Westridge Electric - Electricians in Calgary - Featured Image

Lighting Your Home Office

The year 2020 brought with it many unexpected changes and one of these is the shift to working from home. Employees who once spent half an hour in rush hour traffic are now commuting to work by simply walking down the hall to their home office. The best part is that you don’t have to …

Safety Tech for Your Home - Westridge Electric - Electricians in Calgary - Featured Image

Safety Tech for Your Home

Technology offers us many things: entertainment, comfort, and even safety. Many homeowners are starting to invest in devices designed purely to protect their families from burglars, fires, gas leaks, and more! If you’re looking to upgrade your security system, here are some must-have devices you may want to consider adding to the design:    Security …

Holiday Decor Safety 101 - Westridge Electric - Electricians in Calgary - Featured Image

Holiday Decor Safety 101

After a tough year, the holidays are finally upon us! If you’re like many Albertans, you’re chomping at the bit to set up your decorations. This week we want to review some important safety measures you should consider when decking the halls.   Enlist a Buddy. A second set of eyes and hands is always …