Electric Insurance Inspections

by Team

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There are many reasons why you may want or need an electrical inspection done on your property. This could be because you’re just moving into a new house, upgrading an old one, or even applying for home insurance. Insuring your home can protect you in case of damage, theft, and loss. For those looking at getting electrical coverage, it’s important to be prepared for an inspection tailored specifically towards your electrical system. 


Are Insurance Inspections Mandatory?

In both residential and commercial buildings, there can be a number of hazards that arise specifically from the electrical system, such as fire, electrocution, or shock. Because of this, many insurance companies want to know what state your system is in before they offer you coverage. While not every company will require it, it is becoming more of a common practice. 


What Are Inspectors Reviewing?

During an electrical inspection, the inspector will typically start at the electrical service to ensure it is in working order and doesn’t display any signs of damage. Wiring will be closely inspected to assess material, condition, and the presence of a grounding wire. Breakers will be looked at to ensure they are the proper size as well as being accessible. Additionally, junction boxes, GFCIs, and regular outlets will be inspected.   


What is Included in an Inspection Report?

Depending on the inspection company, the inspector may use infrared imaging in addition to visual analysis. Often they will provide a written report the day of your inspection or shortly following. They will include all of the checkpoints that were assessed as well as a detailed report of any issues that may have come up. The most common red flags that arise during these inspections are:

  • Knob and Tube Wiring
  • Aluminum Wiring
  • Degrading Wires or Service Panel
  • Insufficient GFCI Outlets

Electrical inspections are a way that insurance companies can assess the risk your system poses to your home and safety. They are also a great way for you to discover any hidden problems. In the case that an issue does arise, contact a licensed electrician in your area right away. If you are in the Okotoks area, call the experts at Westridge Electric!