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Surge Protection

Power Surges – FAQ and Protection

Whole home or business electrical surge protection and lightning arrestors protect your entire electrical system from surges or lightning strikes. They are more effective at preventing costly appliance and electronics losses than outlet-based, or power bar surge protection in the event of a surge or lightning strike.

Where Do Power Surges Come From?

We may think that since electricity is in ready supply, that there is a steady stream of it coming to serve us at any time, but that is not the way it works. There are many small power surges in the power supply throughout the day, which you may have noticed as flickering lights. The extra energy has to go somewhere. Have you ever seen the ends of a light bulb turn black? That is why. You also have surges created from within your property. Appliances like air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators turn off and on, creating small surges as they do.

What Does a Power Surge Do?

Surges are the biggest enemy of electronics. With every surge, the electronics in your home or business can become slightly weaker until they fail. Surges are a major contributor to breaking down microchips.

Do Power Bars Protect My Equipment?

Power bars are not always the answer, as most do not offer true surge protection capability. We have a selection of surge protection and lightning arresters that are installed right at the main electrical panel to protect the entire electrical system.

What is Lightning Arrest or Lightning Protection?

Like surges, lightning can also affect your building’s electrical system. Even a lightning strike miles away can damage electronics and electrical systems. Symptoms of this are similar to surges, i.e. lights flickering, electronics being damaged or quitting, electrical components malfunctioning, etc. With a Surge/Lightning Arrester installed, in the event of a lightning strike it will protect your electronics and electrical components.

Whole Home Surge Protection and Commercial Surge Protection

Westridge Electric installs surge protection. A surge protector is installed at your panel and prevents a surge from reaching and damaging your electrical system. We install only the highest quality protectors and are an Authorized Dealer and Installer of CleanVolt Surge Protectors.