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Electrical Safety

Keep your home and family safe by learning about electrical safety and making sure your home has all the safety devices required by the Canadian Electrical Code. Call Westridge Electric for a home safety inspection to verify your home has a safe electrical system.

ARC Fault Protection

All new home construction in Canada must now have the bedroom outlets protected with ARC Fault Breakers. These breakers will sense an unwanted arc of electricity that goes astray, and will turn off the power before a fire can start. These arcs can be caused by nails going through wires behind walls, from frayed electrical cords, damaged appliances, or from old or damaged wiring in your home. These electrical arcs can have a temperature of 10,000 deg f (or 5500 deg c) and are easily hot enough to start fires.
For your peace of mind, let Westridge Electric give you a quote on installing ARC fault breakers for you.

GFCI Protection

More people are killed each year from 110 volts than any other power source. It is a good idea to install GFCI breakers or receptacles in areas where water or moisture is present. Wet conditions greatly increase the likelihood of receiving a shock that can be strong enough to do you harm. Electricity and water do not mix.

Tamper-proof Receptacles

Thousands get hurt in Canada each year by sticking small objects into electrical sockets. Over 40% of all treated electrical injuries reported in Canada (in children under the age of 5) were from doing just this. You can prevent this by bringing your home up to new code standards and installing tamper-resistant receptacles. This is the best way to keep your children safe from electrical shock.

Security Lighting

It is a fact that a well-lit house is a deterrent for home invasions. Motion sensor lights that will illuminate entries even when you’re not home can help. Daylight responsive yard lighting can be installed, and Westridge Electric can also automate interior lighting behavior to resemble a lived-in house while you’re away.

CO/Smoke Detectors

Sixty percent of all fire related fatalities occur in homes without working smoke detectors. Most homeowners do not realize that smoke detectors expire. The average smoke detector is only good for 7-10 years. Westridge Electric also recommends detectors be tested monthly with a can of artificial smoke which can be purchased at most hardware stores. This will test the inner workings of the detector and not just the alarm portion. Visit our blog to learn more about how to test CO and smoke detectors.

Carbon monoxide can be deadly. It has no smell and is not visible to the human eye. A furnace or other gas appliance can cause harmful carbon monoxide to spread throughout your home. Call Westridge Electric today to have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home.

For more information on smoke detectors visit The City Of Calgary Website. Visit our blog for electrical fire prevention information.

If you have any questions or concerns about the electrical safety in your home or office you can contact us or call at 403.995.3547 (FLIP) to book a qualified electrician. 

Electrical Safety Myths

DIY electrical repair will save me money

Electricity is not a hobby. In order to be a qualified electrical installer, it takes many years of training. If you’re not 100% sure how to diagnose and repair electrical systems and you are not knowledgeable on the latest safety codes, do not attempt it. You could be doing more harm than good. Call Westridge Electric to take care of the electrical needs in your home or office. We will keep you safe and up to date.

Electrical permits are not necessary.

In Alberta, electrical permits are required by law. You can either get a homeowner’s permit for your primary residence and do the work yourself, or you will need a company that employs a master electrician to get a permit and do the work for you. If a company or person is not capable of obtaining an electrical permit for you, it is not legal for them to do your work. Westridge Electric employs 4 master electricians to ensure we have knowledgeable staff and to keep up with the changing industry.

Removing a third prong off of a plug is safe.

It is never safe to remove the third prong or “ground” from a plug. This is a safety feature designed to reduce shock and electrocution. Removing the third prong will diminish the grounding capabilities of the tool or appliance and could result in serious injury or even death in certain job conditions. All cords should be examined periodically to make sure there are no nicks or cuts that are deep enough to penetrate the outer insulation jacket. If there are, discard the cord or have it repaired by a qualified Electrician.

Aluminum Wiring is safe.

Over time aluminum wiring can become very dangerous. As aluminum heats and cools it can loosen connections and cause arcing (which is a fire hazard). If your house was built between the early 60’s- Late 70’s you could have Aluminum wiring. Westridge Electric has the ONLY permanent solution for your aluminum wiring without any holes needing to be cut in your drywall!