Low Voltage Systems

by Team

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Modern homes and businesses require the proper flow of electricity to keep them safe, comfortable, and functioning properly. Not all appliances and systems need the same amount of power. Too much power can fry the system or cause an electrocution hazard. Too little can render the appliance or system useless. This week we are going to explore extra low voltage, what it means and some systems that benefit from it.   


What is “Low Voltage”?

Anything powered at lower than 750V is considered high voltage and anything under 30V is considered extra low voltage. While appliances like your washing machine require higher power, there are plenty of residential and commercial systems that can run effectively on less voltage.


Lighting Systems

Low voltage outdoor or landscape lighting is a popular option for homeowners. In the best cases, these lighting systems utilize the efficiency of LED bulbs. LED uses less energy to shine brightly and lasts longer than incandescent options. As a result, switching to LED bulbs can reduce energy consumption and the need to constantly buy replacements. 


Security Systems

Fire alarms, CCTV surveillance, and access control are all electronics that can run effectively on extra low voltage. These systems can either be open or closed. This refers to systems that are integrated with others, open, or operate independently, closed. Installed properly by a certified electrician, a comprehensive security system can be run entirely off a single low voltage circuit. 


Networking Systems

In commercial or even industrial applications, business owners know that having a solid networking system is key to their company’s success. Structured cabling and wireless connectivity can connect a variety of components. This can make use of radio frequencies and even infrared laser technology to keep each individual device connected throughout the system. 

In sum, low voltage is everywhere. If you’re planning on integrating any of the above systems into your home or business, be sure to contact our team at Westridge Electric to help you review your low voltage options!