Safety Tech for Your Home

by Team

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Technology offers us many things: entertainment, comfort, and even safety. Many homeowners are starting to invest in devices designed purely to protect their families from burglars, fires, gas leaks, and more! If you’re looking to upgrade your security system, here are some must-have devices you may want to consider adding to the design: 


Security Cameras

Strategically placed video cameras can help discourage would-be burglars and vandals, or record them if they do act on their criminal impulses. You can have these installed in a variety of ways depending on your own needs. For example, a smart doorbell or standalone unit will be more obvious than a smart light fixture equipped with a hidden camera. 


Security Alarms

Just as we’ve been increasing security in our homes, burglars are learning to disarm more complicated systems. Installing a smart security alarm will be much more difficult for them to disable than a basic run-of-the-mill device. 


Smart Locks

Breaking into a home becomes significantly more difficult when the doors are outfitted with smart locks. These devices can use several methods to open the door, including a code or even your face! Lately, versions have come out that will even work on windows and garage doors. 


Motion Sensor Lights

The best way to protect yourself from a break-in is to deter it in the first place. Motion sensor lights give the illusion that someone is home, even when the house is empty. They can also work to light up dim spaces, like the pathway to a side entrance, so that you can better see what’s going on out there without putting yourself in harm’s way.


Smoke & CO Detectors

All the other devices on this list are used mainly to protect from intruders, but it’s important to remember the dangers that can come from inside your home as well. House fires and carbon monoxide leaks can be deadly if not caught right away. Investing in an integrated detector system can ensure that all the alarms sound at once, regardless of where the problem originates. 


Keeping your family safe is your number one priority, and these devices can help you do just that. Our team of experts at Westridge Electric can help you design and install a cutting edge security system that matches your needs and budget. Give us a call today at 403-995-3547