Lighting Your Home Office

by Team

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The year 2020 brought with it many unexpected changes and one of these is the shift to working from home. Employees who once spent half an hour in rush hour traffic are now commuting to work by simply walking down the hall to their home office. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your lunch out of the fridge or looking over your shoulder while you’re trying to complete a task. Despite these benefits, working from home can still be a challenge. After all, the spare room probably wasn’t designed for a productive workday. This week, we want to explore some lighting solutions that can help increase your productivity and your comfort while you’re working in your home office. 


Natural Lighting

If you are lucky enough to have a home office set up in a space with natural lighting, be sure to take full advantage of it! Windows and skylights can allow warm sunlight to stream into your workspace. Natural light increases your body’s production of serotonin, helping you to feel calm, focused, and content. Setting up your computer in front of or next to a window doesn’t just give you something to look at, it helps to avoid glare on your screen and gives your eyes a much-needed break. 


Ambient Lighting

Most rooms in our houses are originally set up with general ambient lighting. In a work environment where we spend a good chunk of the day, this can be harsh on our eyes. Consider fixtures that will scatter the light, without increasing shadows. For example, lampshades and floor lamps can diffuse light effectively. For the more adventurous, pendant lighting can add a pop of creativity to a space while still achieving the same effect.


Task Lighting

Ambient lighting is not sufficient on its own, especially if you are staring at screens or small print throughout your workday. Utilize task lighting in areas that need a little extra illumination. This is where adjustable desk lamps shine. They can be turned on and off easily and readjusted as needed. When planning your task lighting layout, consider each workstation in your home office – desk, filing area, sketch table, etc. They should all have sufficient light.

Your home office should be a space that is well-lit, comfortable, and you don’t mind spending at least 8 hours a day in. An effective lighting design can help you achieve all of those objectives. For more ideas on how to improve your home’s lighting, contact the experts at Westridge Electric today!