Bathroom Lighting Considerations

by Team

The bathroom is where we put ourselves together before going out, where we unwind after a long day, and even where we find a pocket of peace away from the stressors of life. It may not be as grand as an entertainment center or as social as the kitchen, but it still deserves proper lighting. Because even in our quiet moments when we aren’t on display, we deserve a space that lets us feel special, pampered, and relaxed. 


Colour Temperature

When choosing a colour temperature in the bathroom, there are a few different factors that come into play. For one, applying makeup can be a challenge if the lights are too cool or too warm. This is because they alter the appearance of certain colours so it is difficult to determine how much or what tones to apply. Anyone who uses makeup knows the struggle of applying cosmetics in a poorly lit bathroom. Secondly, lights that are too white can feel harsh and unnatural. Bulbs between 2700K and 3000K tend to be the most flattering, accurate, and cozy.  


Layered Lighting

Your bathroom is allowed to have more than one light source. In fact, we highly encourage it! Use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to achieve your perfect zen space. 

  • Ambient. Think of this type of lighting as a gentle glow that illuminates the whole room. Recessed or cove fixtures are a great way to achieve this.
  • Task. For those who apply makeup or otherwise use the bathroom to prepare themselves for the day, they will benefit greatly from task lighting. In most cases, the vanity and mirror will require task lighting. By using light sources on each side of the mirror, you can eliminate those pesky shadows. 
  • Accent. Get creative with accent lighting. Install a small chandelier above the tub or use wall sconces to highlight artwork. There are plenty of ways to use lighting to create highlights and more visual interest within the space.


Custom Brightness

When you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, you don’t always want to deal with the sudden barrage of bright lights shining into your eyes. Consider how customizing the brightness can help ease you into the day or keep you safe at night. For example, dimmers can offer gentle light early in the morning and be adjusted to a brighter setting later in the day. Alternatively, you could install toe kick lighting underneath base cabinets to provide soft illumination. 

For homeowners looking to switch things up, bathroom lighting is a relatively affordable way to flex your creativity and design a calming, but useful space. Based in Okotoks and serving the surrounding area, our team of certified electricians can help you achieve the ultimate zen bathroom through effective lighting. Simply click here to schedule an appointment!