How to Achieve Effective Commercial Lighting

by Team

How to Achieve Effective Commercial Lighting - Westridge Electric - Electricians in Calgary - Featured Image

Lighting has a direct effect on our moods, our behaviour, and our productivity. With the waning daylight outside, it can be challenging for people to stay focused and on task. For some, it can even result in conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder. This makes the proper indoor lighting more important than ever. Designing an effective lighting strategy for your business is key to creating a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere for your staff and clients alike. 


Invest in Energy Efficiency

Even if your lights aren’t flickering, the bulbs and fixtures may be due for a much-needed update. Lighting technology has progressed rapidly, even just in the last decade. Unlike ten years ago, there are now options for energy-efficient bulbs in every price range. Take LED lighting for example. These lights are durable and incredibly long-lasting, making them ideal for factory floors and outdoor use. The less often you have to replace bulbs, the less time your people will have to spend working in poor lighting. 


Reconsider Colour

You may not think of colour when you’re thinking about commercial lighting, but it may impact the work environment more than you would expect. Standard incandescent and fluorescent lighting often come in a range of “cool white” to “warm white” options. This is known as the colour temperature. Most commercial lighting is between 2000K and 6000K, with the lower end being warm – cozy, slightly orange-tinted – and the higher end being cool – bright, slightly blue cast. If you are running a comfy cafe, you may want to lean warmer, as these colours tend to mimic the ones we find at home. If your business has an office atmosphere, you may want to lean cooler, as blue tends to spark energy and alertness. 


Get Creative

Consider your lighting design as a relatively inexpensive way to make your space unique and inviting. Commercial lighting doesn’t have to be all tube lights if you don’t want it to be. Accent and task lighting can help add contrast and interest to a space. For example, different fixtures can be used to showcase and spotlight products in a retail-type setting. Task lighting can produce ample table light for diners in a restaurant without illuminating the whole section. 


Developing an effective lighting strategy isn’t a task you have to do on your own, the experts at Westridge Electric can help! We specialize in energy-efficient commercial lighting upgrades in Okotoks and surrounding areas. Let us help update your business, give us a call today to book an appointment!