Electrical Considerations When Remodeling Your Home

by Team

Electrical Considerations When Remodeling Your Home - Westridge Electric - Calgary Electrcians - Featured Image

When our businesses and schools shut down back in March, suddenly everyone started learning how to bake bread, crochet, or jog. We spent more time in nature and in our backyards. Many Albertans finally found the time to do those outside renovations they’ve been waiting so long to do. And now with the weather getting cooler, we are all back inside staring at the same four walls again. It’s no wonder the home remodelling industry is booming. If you’re one of the many who are using this time to remodel their home, make sure to take these electrical factors into consideration: 


Additional Outlets

Depending on the renovations you have planned, you’ll need to consider how many more outlets you’ll need in a given space. 

  • Home Office. Consider what electrical devices you’ll need in this room. That includes standalone lighting, computers, monitors, printers, and more.
  • Kitchen. New appliances will need to have an outlet nearby. Certain appliances will even need their own dedicated outlet and circuit. 
  • Entertainment Room. Game consoles, speakers, a great big TV, and maybe even a mini-fridge next to the bar are all devices that need outlets. 

Does your existing space have enough outlets to serve all the new gadgets you’re putting in there? Relying on extension cords can be a dangerous game, make sure you have the right amount of outlets installed by a professional. 


Electrical Capacity

Once you know what devices you’re going to add into your electrical system, you need to find out if the extra load is something that your home can realistically handle. Small renovations may not require electrical updates, but larger ones may need a new electrical panel. In some cases, your service may need to be upgraded as well, so it’s important to speak with a licensed professional. Neglecting to do so can result in damage to your electrical devices, electrical shock, or even fire. 


Wiring Condition

The current condition of the wiring in your home is going to have a large impact on the amount of work needed to add more. Wires need to be the same size, properly secured, and adequately protected. For any situations regarding your electrical wiring, don’t risk your safety for a DIY job. Work with a certified electrician so you can ensure the job is done right the first time. 

There’s never been a better time to remodel your home, just make sure you take the above electrical concerns into consideration well before you pick up a hammer. For an experienced electrical contractor serving Okotoks, Calgary, and surrounding areas, book an appointment with the experts at Westridge Electric today!