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Electric Car Chargers and You! - Westridge Electric - Professional Electricians - Featured Image

The Best Way to Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Home (2023 Edition)

Almost every car manufacturer produces an electric vehicle these days, or at least some sort of hybrid. If you’re considering making the switch to an electric vehicle, there’s one big question you should be asking: how will I charge my car? In some cities and regions, there are multiple stations and resources for keeping your …

When to Call an Electrician - Westridge Electric - Electricians in Calgary - Featured Image

When to Call an Electrician

Not all electrical fixes require a licensed electrician. When things get a little more complicated than changing a light bulb, it’s best to avoid DIY videos on the internet. When you start to notice any of these red flags, your home definitely requires the knowledge and finesse of an expert.    Flickering Lights Old bulbs …