When to Call an Electrician

by Team

When to Call an Electrician - Westridge Electric - Electricians in Calgary - Featured Image

Not all electrical fixes require a licensed electrician. When things get a little more complicated than changing a light bulb, it’s best to avoid DIY videos on the internet. When you start to notice any of these red flags, your home definitely requires the knowledge and finesse of an expert. 


Flickering Lights

Old bulbs can flicker right before they are about to die, so this is usually remedied by simply replacing the bulb. However, trouble is afoot if you’ve done this and the lights still act like a scene from a horror movie. The problem could be with the fixture itself or even the wiring.


Consistent Breaker Trips

Tripped breakers can occur due to a number of reasons, many of them being out of your control such as electrical storms. But when one or a few breakers are consistently triggered, say daily or weekly, this is a sign that the circuit or even the entire panel may need to be replaced. 


Burning Smell or Charring

When connections become loose, electricity may jump or arc across the gaps to get to the next wire. This arcing can cause a multitude of problems: burns and fires being the most dangerous. Charred outlets or a faint burning odour coming from the walls should be attended to immediately to prevent catastrophe. 


GFCI is Stuck on Off

Whether you were just testing your GFCI outlet or it tripped to keep you safe, it can be frustrating when the receptacle won’t turn back on. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the breaker inside of the outlet is broken. Many GFCIs are designed not to turn back on if there is still a problem inside the outlet. For this reason, have an electrician assess the outlet. It’s likely that it will need replacing.


Plugs Won’t Stay Plugged

Are your charge cords popping out of the outlets every time you set your phone down? This isn’t just an annoying problem, it can cause those arcs or jumps that we mentioned above. Outlets contain contacts that are designed to grip prongs. Over time these can become loose and won’t hold as well.


Not Enough Outlets

Is your living room swarmed with extension cords? Can you never seem to find an outlet where you need it? Here’s a little industry secret that you should know: extension cords are only meant to be used for a short period of time. They are not a permanent solution. Overuse can cause overheating, electrical shock, and even fire. An electrician can help you design an outlet plan tailored to your unique needs. 

If you notice any of the above issues, reach out to a licensed electrician right away. These are all problems that put your family and your home’s safety at risk, and that is always a losing game. We offer pre-scheduled appointments as well as emergency electrical service from our Okotoks location. Contact us here